100 Burning Hot (EGT)

    100 Burning Hot (EGT)

    100 burning hot slot- An interesting game

    Euro games technology offers you many numbers of games and if you are looking for simple game with entertaining elements, then you can prefer 100 Burning Hot slot machine game which will be a great treat for the persons who plays it. You can even play online gaming if you are interested.  Once if you started playing and come to know about tricks you will be getting many chances to win. If it is in the base game, from the two scatters you can get wins and possible will be doubled-up. When it comes to progressive of four then it triggers randomly.


    The gaming based on the video slot type and the game contains pay lines up to 100. You can enjoy each level of games as it will be very interesting to complete the levels. The game theme is completely based on the fruit which is filled in the different slots. In each slot, the fruits are filled with the five reels. The reel configuration on the basis of 5*4 in the classic slot game and the symbols that are shown in your game are a total of four rows. In this game, you have a gamble feature option to play. Symbols like scatter and the wild contain each one symbol. The payable symbol in the games is in the count of 10.

    Specs and reviews

    The auto play spin is only up to 100 spin which is the maximum limit. For each line, you can earn only up to 1 coin which is the maximum limit. The Minimum coins start from 0.1 to the maximum size of the coin 50. Even you have a number of options in this game you can enjoy the game by playing it solo only. There is no option to play with multiplier and the free spins also not available. Max multiplier free spins also not availed in this game. When it comes to the visual effects, it is very good to play and can enjoy the themes used in this 100 burning hot slot game. You cannot expect the effects of sound and music up to the level of visual effects as this is not overloaded.

    It is a complete package game with the higher end of variance with pay lines of 100. Along with the pay lines, you can have a chance of winning jackpots. To boost your winnings, use one or two scatters and with some stacked reel, you can change your game more interesting. In the slot of 100 Burning Hot videos, you can earn a total of four jackpots. Starting from the low-value card to the high-value cards you have four card suits. With these options get your game from online and play it. Once if you get to know the basics then it will be very easy to continue and complete the game. Enjoy the game as it has good visual effects which add more effective while playing a game and have a great time.