Astro Roulette

    Once upon a time, astrology ruled the lives of many people, providing portents of events yet to come and helping nobles and commoners alike make decisions about their day-to-day lives. Today, few people take the practice quite that seriously, but it would be a mistake to say that astrology has disappeared from our lives. Whether they read their daily horoscopes for a little entertainment value or consult charts to help understand or predict what is coming in their lives, countless people still pay at least some attention to the signs that come from the stars above.

    Astrology is also the basis for Astro Roulette, an online casino game that is based on the more familiar versions of this very popular casino game. You’ll still be spinning wheels and placing bets on the outcome here, hoping that fortune smiles down on you and puts the ball right where you need it. But the familiar numbers and colors are long gone, being replaced by a new set of symbols based on the astrological signs we all learned at some point in our lives.

    You can play this Roulette In following rooms:

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