Chinesse Roulette

    In the world of roulette games, two varieties dominate worldwide. In the United States and some other parts of the Americas, American Roulette is the game of choice, featuring a wheel that contains two zeroes and a rather high house edge. Most of the rest of the world (along with some higher-end games in American casinos) play the European version of the game, which only features one zero while offering the same payouts. That game does have some variants – French Roulette offers even more player-friendly rules – but for the most part, the world’s most famous table game of chance comes on those two varieties.

    But the American and European designations leave out a big part of the world, most notably one of the largest gambling markets on the planet. China is perhaps the most lucrative gaming market in the world, so why shouldn’t it have its own form of this popular game? That, perhaps, is the idea behind Chinese Roulette, a game now available at some online casinos. It’s very similar to the game you know and love, but with a few differences that definitely make this a unique experience.

    You can play this Roulette In following rooms:

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