Mysterious Australian Who Bet AU$100m a Year Exits Market

    Professional gamblers think smart and use every chance to maximize their gambling profits on a regular basis. Everyone engaged in the Australian gambling sector in our time has a dedication to enhancing their expertise in the gambling activities. Anonymous Dr Nick is the role model to the gambling enthusiasts in Australia. This mysterious Australian bets up to US$1.37m every week on the Australian racing. He has employed a qualified team to successfully manipulate odds in the last couple of minutes before the race. He has decided to focus on the horse racing in the UK. He exits the Australian gambling market.

    About Dr Nick

    Dr Nick is an anonymous gambling mastermind in the competitive Australian gambling sector. He exited the Australian racing market as new taxes and the levies have been introduced. He has reportedly pulled out of the Australian market mainly because it’s increased taxes. He was in charge of a syndicate placed over US$69m work of bets every year. He was responsible for an estimated 6% of all betting on horses in Australia.  He had decided to exit the Aussie gambling market and cited that increased taxes and levies in recent times imposed on bookmakers and sparked complaints from the gambling industry. He exited the Australian gambling sector mainly because such increased taxes and levies. Many gamblers these days have an idea about their withdrawal from the Australian gambling market and prefer the international gambling sector.

    It is the appropriate time to focus on everything about the new betting taxes in detail. The increased taxes related to the Australian gambling industry have been pushed on all bookmakers and also passed on to customers through the diminished odds. This new change in the gambling taxes has hugely impacted the lucrative market and wealthy gamblers like Dr Nick and Zeliko Ranogaiec. The betting operations tax act 2018 was successfully passed in September. This new tax came into operation on the first day of January this year. Individuals who have been operating in the gambling industry heavily criticized about the new betting tax and its related problematic things. As per the new betting tax in Australia, betting operators in the nation are legally responsible to pay 15% of the net banking revenues in excess of US $104K each financial year. 

    Dr Nick’s informed decision Though all beginners and regular gamblers in the Australian market are willing to know about the smart and successful gambler Dr Nick, they cannot get many details about him so far. There is a report that he is originally from Adelaide and living in the Channel Islands, France. The most recent news about Dr Nick’s departure from the world of Australian racing gambling attracts every gambler in this sector and increases their eagerness to concentrate on all the reasons behind his decision to withdraw from the Australian racing. Every member of the trusted team employed by Dr Nick is successful in their way to oversee his bets. They improve their routine efforts and increase the overall possibilities to succeed in the gambling sector.